AliExpress coupons and promo codes

With the online store AliExpress I met in June 2017. Previously, I often came across references to the goods of this store, but I could not book there: the payment forward, the expectation of sending me was embarrassing. And in general, when you do something for the first time, you are always afraid. But it hurt too sweet at this store prices. Much cheaper than similar products in Russia. And so, I decided! And I made my first order using a discount coupon. It pushed me to this that I wanted a keychain — a bunny that went into fashion. But in our city they were very expensive — from $ 10 and above. While here — $ 2. And so, I overcame my fear, and made my first order. Delivery chose ePacket, the price of which was almost equal to the cost of the hare itself. Anyway. The main thing is that the first pancake did not become a lump! So I got excited and started to order more. Along the way gathering experience of conducting disputes, tracking of parcels, a track of numbers. Now I'm already so experienced that I consult 24 tracks on the site. A lot of things I still ordered for AliExpress, and I continue to order using promo codes. I posted here only my favorite purchases. In general — to order in this online store is quite safe and reliable. There is a system for protecting buyers. Therefore, this site is one of my favorites. I wish everyone successful shopping!