AliExpress Global Shopping Festival 11.11

AliExpress is an online hypermarket that allows you to make all your purchases without leaving your home, and at the same time saves our time and money. After all, the site has the ability to clearly indicate the price range of the goods, and already on them to begin the search. Also in this store there are often promotions, in particular every Monday and Wednesday there are sales of goods, and during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 discounts reach 95%! Also I really like the function of cancellation of an order, if the goods you do not come for a long time or did not come at all, you can return your money. This really works, I was returned twice the full cost of my order. My advice how to make the right choice of goods and the seller: First you need to register on the site, how to do it you can look at the video from YouTube; At purchase pay attention to quantity of orders, a rating of the seller and the goods; Register in the official AliExpress group and read real people's reviews on purchased goods with photos and links to them; Before you buy the product, copy its name to the search bar in the clipboard. So you can find the same product, but it's much cheaper; Pay attention to the cost of delivery. Perhaps a seller with a free delivery of goods is more expensive than the second seller the cost of the goods along with the delivery; Specify the price range of the product search and choose a search for increasing the price, so as not to overpay; Please note that when buying clothes, always look at the seller's dimensional grid; If you want to buy some trinket, then immediately look at the entire store of the seller, maybe you will find everything you need in one shop; Do not order goods that can be purchased from you in the city for the same money. Appreciate your time and your money. I wish you all a pleasant and useful shopping!