AliExpress official online store

Kind time of the day, today I want to tell you about the official online store AliExpress. In my response, I will not write about my purchases. Because it is not everyone will be interested. Since experienced users and so in this are well understood and without feedback. My response is more likely for those who are just going to get acquainted with this site or recently just met. Well, let's start: the main page of this site is framed brightly, clearly. You can easily figure it all out. Here you buy goods directly from the seller. Probably you just have to write right away that when you buy, your money is at the store and is there until you confirm the purchase. And only after that they are handed over to the Chinese seller. Well and now about a site: The assortment of the goods simply fascinates. On the main page to the left is a menu with main groups, which in turn are divided into subgroups. After payment of the goods, your payment will be checked day. After that the seller will send your goods, which you can easily track right there on the site. It is worth mentioning that the goods are not always tracked. On average, the product goes 1-2 months. The site guarantees you the quality of the goods, and also that it will be delivered within the specified period. Also, they promise a full refund if the goods do not match the description and when the goods are not received. But I want to say at once that you should not trust such promises very much. If the goods did not come or came of poor quality — immediately open a dispute. Describe what is wrong with the product in detail about all the jambs. Of course you will need to make high-quality photos, and better a video describing all the shortcomings. All the evidence will have to be sent when completing the dispute. Make an order in the store is very simple. Choose a product. You put it in the basket, pay it. You get the track code to track the parcel and everything, wait for the notification. I order on the official online store AliExpress for more than 2 years, while I am very satisfied and I hope that I will not be disappointed in the future. Of course you have to read a lot of reviews, but it's worth it. And I wish all successful purchases!