AliExpress official site of online store

Today I finally decided to write a review about the official site of online store AliExpress. When I waited for all the parcels. And I have them now, just 3! I will not tell you how to register on the site. All this is simple and intuitive. It all started with the fact that I learned that the first time having registered in a mobile application, you can get a discount of $ 4. I made the first order without coupons. I ordered myself a purse. He walked to me for a month, there were no problems with tracking, I came to New Mail, there was paid delivery. The cost is about $ 6. A cool purse, in this I was convinced for sure. The second order was my backpack. He walked for two months, did not follow at all, that pretty worn my nerves. After all, this is the first time I've encountered this. Free delivery. The cost is $ 10. My backpack is good, I wear it with pleasure! Not without flaws, of course, but still. The third order I ordered a diamond embroidery. It was a month, completely tracked, although the delivery was free. The cost is about $ 5. In general, so far everything is fine, I will continue to make orders on the official site of online store AliExpress! Also in the mobile application there is a section Mobile bonuses in which you can collect coins daily, and then exchange them for goods, paying only one cent. Or buy the goods for money, but pay a part with coins. Also in the mobile application there is a Freebies section, where the goods are distributed for free, or rather you buy them for one cent. In general, this shop so far suits me, after all it is possible to buy more cheaply the goods, thus qualitative though it is necessary to wait longer.