AliExpress official site

With the official site AliExpress, I met relatively recently — just about three years ago. Then I just had a daughter, I was sitting at home. And somehow, someone from friends said that with China you can order a lot of cheaper than ours. I decided to try, as it generally happens, how much to wait, how to pay for the goods and not be afraid that he will not come, etc. I started, like everything, probably with small things — different devices for the kitchen, toys for my daughter. But even then, I realized that you need to take the goods with reviews — you can roughly understand how much the goods will go, how the communication with the seller is going, how matters are with the sizes. But let's start in order. 1) I choose goods or things only with reviews. And the more of them, the better, especially if it's some kind of thing. Well, I'm not ready to risk money, time and nerves to order something new, not ordered by anyone else. 2) There is such a thing as a seller's rating. In principle, many relying on him to risk ordering something without feedback. I'm looking at the rating only if I choose one product from different sellers. But I want to note that 2-3 thousand orders of some goods in principle can not be from a seller with a bad rating. 3) Delivery is different. All that is less than $ 5, goes without tracking and comes about a month. Sometimes for one and a half. But there are exceptions. All that is more than $ 5 is tracked and delivered from ten days to three weeks. But there are also exceptions. 4) All my disputes with the sellers were resolved successfully. Most often the reason was that the order protection was over, and the goods did not come. And only once did I open the dispute because of the discrepancy in size. Money was returned to me. In this regard, it is very convenient that there is an intermediary between you and the seller. He acts as guarantor that you will either receive your goods or return the money. I am happy with my purchases, although I did not manage without disappointment when the goods did not come. Sometimes even taking into account the many reviews it is difficult to guess with the size. But no matter what, I will definitely refer to the official site AliExpress for things, goods for the home and for the baby!