Banggood Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Good day! It was purely by chance that I saw the name of this site Banggood from someone from video bloggers. The girl ordered there accessories for the design of nails and very praised. I went to the site, and my eyes fled, I needed everything! Chinese sites — it's a kind of analogue store Ali, they need to come in with a sober mind and a fixed amount of money, otherwise it will be impossible to restrain. At once I will tell, that the prices in this shop are little bit more expensive, than on Ali. At 1, and sometimes 2 $. But, the assortment is much larger. In general, there are reasonable prices, especially for electronics and radio-controlled toys. Cosmetics are also not particularly expensive. Below I'll write the pros of this site. On the site there are 14 general categories of goods, in which each category is divided into several more. Also there are tabs — New receipts, Top sales and Goods for $ 0.99. A variety of different options for products in a separate category. As I already wrote, prices are slightly more expensive. But there are goods that are cheaper than Ali. A huge plus that you can order many products at once. It is very convenient that there is payment for PayPal. I myself ordered a Leagoo smartphone for $ 39 during Global Shopping Festival 11.11. Recommend the official site of Banggood will, sometimes there are problems with parcels and delivery, but they are everywhere. The main thing is that it does not become the norm. Thank you for your attention!