Banggood official online store

Hello! This was my first experience of online shopping of this scale. Once on the official online store Banggood, the eyes just ran away, and the prices beckoned with their minimalism. But first my husband bought two helicopters and a car on remote control, as in our country this is an expensive pleasure. I plunged into the world of things. As a result, it turned out that most of the goods are of very low quality. That is, buying for a $ 3 device, for example, for the kitchen, you need to think, but what is it made of? For example, plastic containers were fragile and came already broken. Clothes, beautiful in the photo, in fact, was terrible, though not all. In general, throw at the cheapest is not worth it. But for example, a daughter was ordered a set of rubber bands for bracelets for 5,500 pieces — it turned out to be a very profitable purchase on the official online store Banggood. As a result, the main rule — read the reviews in the same place, do not pursue the cheapest, think many times, do you need another trash in the kitchen / bathroom / room / in the closet. In general, I wish all successful shopping and good mood!