Beautifulhalo Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Hello everyone! The dress from the online store Beautifulhalo flew to me in just two weeks. Honestly, I did not know what I would get. Still, it's hard to wait from a dress — a $ 11 good quality bodicon. But I took it at a discount during Global Shopping Festival 11.11, its real price is twice as high, which a little calmed down. And now I take it out of the package and examine it. The tag is sewn, nakleechki with the size correspond. The neck of the dress is treated with glue. Seams are sticking out at the seams, but it's a trifle. Cloth is dense synthetics, it stretches well. It is not sewed from dense ribbons, like expensive dresses — the body-keeper, but simply the fabric is embedded in wrinkles, which creates additional density. Well. Considered, you can and try it on. When I started to put on, I thought that I was wrong with the size, it was difficult to zip, then I realized that you can put it on differently. First zippered on 3 quarters, pulled over legs, then perfectly slipped into the rest of the dress. And here I am in it. The village is good. Some girls in the reviews complained of the upper hand, changed it, I had no such problem, nothing sticks out anywhere, probably this part of the dress was sewn on me, but at the waist is free, not what does not drag, but does not even lie down. But these are not problems of dress, but of my figure. Who has the same figure, they know what I'm talking about. The length of the dress with my height of 160 centimeters — to the middle of the knee. To the bottom narrows, so that you can not step wide in it, but you do not feel like it. Because of the lightning, I was afraid to sit down, suddenly it would break up! I tried — no discomfort. Has grown bolder, has decided to try to put on a lightning back. I did not like it, now it began to crack in my chest. But the process of putting on and fastening had to be shot separately, it would be something to laugh at! The color of the dress is very juicy, black, but not flashy, not vulgar.