Beautifulhalo official site

In the spring I ordered 2 dresses on the official site Beautifulhalo. I waited exactly 3 weeks and I received a notification. I happily ran to the post office, I was given the coveted package, when I came home, I immediately opened it and was a little surprised. Instead of a color dress, it was completely different. After measuring the beige dress, I laughed for a long time, because it barely covered the ass, but it's probably my fault, it was necessary to look more closely at the length indicated on the site. In general, a beige dress in a couple of days, I successfully sold through the Internet. But the mistake that the store allowed, I decided to correct. Wrote in online support. I was answered in a few minutes. I explained the whole situation, first I was offered to return $ 10, but I said that I ordered a dress for a certain date and that they set me up, then I was offered to send this dress again at their expense. After 5 days I was sent a dress, and it reached me in less than 2 weeks. But also it was short, I had to give it to my sister. Let's sum up: Quality is good for the price at which things are sold. On the beige dress, all the rhinestones and sequins were in place, the seams were even. On the other two dresses, too, everything was sewn and made qualitatively. Delivery — I do not know what it depends on, but it always goes differently. Pleases that there is no deceit. Website — you can track where your package is located, which is very convenient. The interface is convenient, you can choose a convenient currency for you. I ordered from the English version. I can say that through English it's more convenient to contact online support. Dimensions — everything is correct, so, measure yourself. If you make a mistake due to the fault of the official site Beautifulhalo, then do not be afraid and write to the support team! All successful purchases!