Bodeaz coupons and promo codes

Hello! She ordered the third swimsuit from the official website of the online store Bodeaz and is quite happy with them. Quality as well as the previous ones is decent and the delivery was happy, about 20 days. The color is the same as the photo on the site. The price at the time of the order with a discount on the coupon was $ 29. At the parameters of the chest — 86 centimeters, hips — 93 centimeters decided to take a chance and order S. Before that, two swimsuits ordered M and in them the top was not that great, no, but big enough. I thought and decided that the best for me is S, and panties, even if they are not enough — it will not be scary. The swimsuit sat down, but in M ​​I think it would be better for me. The top had to be changed a little, because the distance between the cups is small enough, so the breasts are too close, but due to the fact that I sewed the top strings, the breasts look better. Also in the cups is a big push-up, which can not be pulled out, and if it's not enough for someone, so the holes are made in the cups and you can also put the push-up-boy. Panties could have been more. If you have a little more parameters, definitely take M. Also, the store sent promo codes for discounts of 10%. Online store Bodeaz is very operational, I advise everyone!