BuyInCoins Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Among the great variety of shops there is one. And his name is BuyInCoins. I must say at once — for me the first advantage was the choice of language and currency. Not all Chinese online stores have such a nice option. Yes, I will make a reservation, the translation somewhere is crooked, somewhere there is none at all. But there is at least an attempt. Together with the pictures one can guess the purpose and the way of using the thing. I will make a note for beginners: the language and currency can be selected in the top line of the site. Registration is standard and simple. The only thing you need to track — a letter with the confirmation of the address can get into the spam. And not always such a letter comes instantly. It happens that you need to wait. Simultaneously with the registration in this online store, I would advise you to register in the PayPal payment system. Do this in order to protect yourself from the incidents with the loss of goods or damage to it on the road. This payment system will help you get money back. I will make a reservation at once: how much I order on this site — all has reached. And it came unscathed. Bainincoins takes care of this. They also do not want to lose their money, believe me. Packed all on the conscience of gray polyethylene, laid foam and pimply film, wrapped with scotch tape! When sending a parcel the seller must photograph it and add to you the photo of the parcel sent to you. Parcels go in different ways. The fastest I have come for 2 and a half weeks. The longest was more than 3 months. But this is not so much from the seller, how much depends on the delivery. By the way, the delivery of goods is free. You can also purchase a track number, which then track the parcel. You can order a paid delivery by EMS. This service is worth around $ 10. I do not see the point in it. This is the site of one seller. Therefore everything you order will come in one package. Less often — they send two if there is not something in the warehouse at once. Send, as a rule, quickly. In my experience — a maximum of 3 days. I will make a reservation: if you bought a track number for $ 1, and the seller has divided the parcel, then there will be only one package with the track number, for some reason the second seller does not think it necessary to give the track number! This, of course, is their lack, which, personally, angered me. Although — as I wrote, everything goes. And with a track number, and without. And personally the second premise without a track number came faster, although it was sent later. The goods on the site are many. This is electronics, and clothing, and cosmetics, and jewelry, and bags, and household trivia. Personally, I ordered: clothes, eye shadows, nail polishes, make-up brushes, jewelry, and much more. For cosmetic maniacs, I just strongly advise you to see there brushes and shadows. Many good fakes under the Sigma brush, Naked shadows. I would like, of course, even more assortment, what can I say. The purchase scheme is standard: registered, selected goods, put in the basket, clicked on the purchase, then pay either simply from the card or through PayPal, you can also use Qiwi. I must say at once — the prices are very, very happy. I compare with all the known Ali and Ebay. At BuyInCoins some things are not just cheaper, but much cheaper especially during the period of the shares — for example during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 discounts reached 80%. And the quality is the same. I see no reason to overpay. In general, the store I recommend, there is no deceit. Thank you for attention!