BuyInCoins official site of online store

Hello! Today's review I will devote to the official site of online store BuyInCoins. I became acquainted with him recently. The first time, of course, was afraid of making an order, did not know if the product would reach, but thanks to detailed and mostly positive reviews calmed down and took the risk. Long chose to order, finally decided to place an order and waited. I immediately liked the fact that the order was sent quickly enough. On the mail came the notification that the order was sent, also attached a photo of my parcels. For all my questions, the answers from the administration came very quickly. Immediately, I say the minus is that the site does not give the track number and the parcel can not be tracked. But all my orders reached. Once waited almost 2 months, already thought not to come, but still the parcel came. Track number is given if the order amount is above $ 30. Free delivery. And so, how is the site arranged: If Ali is a market, where you have business with different shops, then Bayinkoins is one shop. Do not look at the rating, just choose the product you like in the basket and make an order. Prices are about the same as on Ali, although recently they have become slightly higher. Registration on the site is simple. You can register through a social network account or by e-mail. After registering, you will receive a notification to the mail. Confirm it and go to the site. Enter your email and password, and go to the site. At the top of the page you can choose the currency and language you need. In the upper right corner of the page, you can sign in to your account. There you can see the number of your orders, read the messages, see the list of liked products. Also, if you were given a track number, you can track your order, in the tab — track the order. Or write a message to the administration if you have a question. Also on the site there is a forum. On the main page you can choose any category and find the product you are interested in. Click on the product you like, select the color, you can also select the quantity and click — or put this product in the wish list, or in the basket. We issue the order. Enter the number of the discount coupon, if you have one. We click on free shipping. And we pay to pay either, through PayPal, or a standard payment. I always press — the standard payment, because I pay, through Qiwi. Then you will go to the order registration page where you need to enter the address, specify the electronic wallet, choose the appropriate payment method and confirm the order. Also on the site sometimes there are lottery prizes, you can win either a coupon or coins. Coins is the internal currency of the site. 1 Coins is one dollar. With coins, you can also pay for the order, either the whole amount or a part. I once received 3 coins, and paid them part of the purchase. I found such lotteries before the new year, and before March 8 and Easter. This is indicated by the icon, near the greeting and my account. You can also get coins by writing a feedback on the received product. But the downside is that you get only 0.1 coins or 0.2 if the feedback is from a photo, and you can get it for a very long time. Now I rarely do orders on the official site of online store BuyInCoins, because the prices have become higher, but sometimes there are interesting proposals. A good online store, for all, though a small history of my orders, there was no problem, it all came down and it all works. So, I definitely recommend it! Thank you for attention!