BuyInCoins official site

Hello, dear readers! With the official site BuyInCoins, I have known for more than 3 years. This is a full-fledged online store of Chinese goods, the range is huge, the prices are sometimes the lowest of all possible. All the goods you choose come in one package, unlike eBay or Ali. The site design is one-sided, braked. But you can get used to it. Registration is simple, fill in all data about yourself in Latin alphabet along with your patronymic! I paid my first payment via PayPal. The second time I paid with money from WebMoney, throwing them on the SIM card and using an unrealistically convenient program. The delivery is free, regardless of the amount of the order. There is no minimum order amount. Before my city, the parcel reached about a month, at the post office you do not need to pay anything. The track is issued if your order has left more than $ 30. When sending an order — post a photo of the parcel in the section My Account. Pack very well, everything is safe and sound. If you did not receive the parcel within 2 months, you will receive money back. That I recommend there to order: Consumables for manicure, gel varnishes, build-up; makeup brushes for the design of nails. The quality of goods is different. On the website, I advise you not to navigate, as the site gives you bonuses for writing reviews, which you can pay off at the next purchase. But the conditions are such that negative reviews are not paid. Accordingly, you will not find them — a solid positive. Save on the order you can by introducing a coupon code, look for them in Google and be sure to find. Official site BuyInCoins highly recommend! If you take the things you really need, and not all magnetic rings for weight loss and aqua-grunt, you can save a lot! I hope my review was at least useful to you!