CAFAGO coupons and promo codes

Hello! I hasten to share with you the joyful news! I became a happy owner of the smartphone Blackview Ultra A6. So, yes, I am very brave, I decided to order an expensive product from China! The discounted coupon price was about $ 80. I already ordered for a long time on the official website of the online store CAFAGO, but up to this moment more than $ 15, I did not take anything there. Why did I decide to take such a desperate step? The answer is simple: Trust in the site, although there is a marriage in the responses; the price is much lower than in any other store; This model can not be bought in our city; The similarity with the iPhone, although there is a drawback; Warranty for the goods; Just curiosity; I wanted an iPhone, and I have limited money to buy. I ordered a smartphone in Gold color, the goods were sent the next morning. To obtain a warranty for repair it was necessary to pay $ 3 more to the cost of the phone. Track can be tracked directly from the store's website. I waited for the phone with impatience, besides, my Micromax has already broken down. After almost a month, as soon as I received the notice, I went to the post office, took my parcel. She broke the parcel: the corners of the box were slightly crushed, this is the only damage. Next: in the box was the phone itself, a charger / usb cable, headphones, additional protective film and a silicone bumper, by the way, I was pleased with its quality and it had a protective film, a booklet with a description. On the phone itself was a protective film, and the battery was sealed with tape, without peeling off which phone will not turn on. When turned on, it turned out 30% of the charge, all the applications that I need, I installed, the phone updated the version of Android. As expected, I discharged and charged the phone completely 3 times, but the battery is still weak, for a day, if you do not constantly climb in the phone, and in standby mode it can be for a long time, how many did not check. I'm testing this smartphone for 2 weeks already. What I can say: Excellent screen quality, high resolution and visibility from different angles. The screen diameter is like that of the iPhone 4.7 inches; Support 2 SIM cards; The back cover opens and the battery is removed, this is the difference from the iPhone; The camera as a whole is not bad, the iPhone is certainly better, but there's no point in complaining about it, since this is the phone first and for class photos there are cameras; The menu as in the ios system can be changed to classic Android, of course; You can pull the silicone bumper for the iPhone 6, although Blackview is a bit bigger, it has a 3 to 4 mm screen protruding from it and there is an inconsistent cover with buttons and connectors, but it's tolerable; Compatible with monopod, if you download the SelfiShop Camera application; From inside, some small dust particles appear somehow behind the glass of the main camera, it's hard to tell where they come from and how to clean the camera; There is an O-Touch function on the back cover, I did not need it yet; Volume rocker; Button on-off and lock screen; Standard connectors are like all Android. What I want to say in general: it works brightly enough, it is convenient to use, the camera is quite good, the sound of the speakers is excellent, it's nice to hold in hands, beautiful design and beautiful colors of the case, enough for a day if you do not constantly disturb the phone, built-in memory is slightly more than 5Gb , more + additional flash memory, so it's gorgeous. I recommend to buy a smartphone on promo codes CAFAGO and be sure to order a phone guarantee!