Chic Me official site

With the official site Chic Me I met last winter and for more than a year now he has pleased me with fabulous clothes, fast delivery and quality. Of course, the prices are appropriate, but things, I believe, really worth it. My acquaintance with this terrific site began with two delicious dresses. Let's start with the design of the site. Everything is very strict, laconic and stylish, there are no catchy pictures, causing half-naked girls, bright, beating eyes, banners. I really like the ability to scroll through real photos, it's very interesting, because you can immediately see how this or that thing looks in life. In each category, the product can be sorted using filters located on the top and left, for example, set a certain price bar or, perhaps, set sorting by price or admission. On the page of each item you can read the review, if it is, as well as see real photos made by buyers. In my opinion, I bought a dress bought on the official site Chic Me, but my sister approached perfectly, I recommend this store, I was pleased with the quality service, convenient site and assortment of goods.