Coolicool coupons and promo codes

I like smartphones and change them often, not because of a breakdown, it's just interesting to have a new one, but I think it's stupid to pay big money for a gadget, well, as everyone says, everyone has a purse. Today I received a brand new Doogee X5 PRO X5 MAX, bought on the official Coolicool website with a coupon discount for $ 70 as standard, without a protective glass. Elegant packaging of dense velvet cardboard, came in intact and safe for 2 weeks in my city. I ordered it in white. The store sent the goods in 2 days, the track was tracked all the way. Smartphone smart! On the latest Android 7.0 Good color rendering and viewing angle. Camera on a chetverochku, at night it floats a little. With intensive use of the battery lasts almost three days. Does not brake, does not hang. The fingerprint sensor works the first time, but I turned it off — uncomfortable if someone else wants to call. I recommend this model if you are looking for an inexpensive and smart smartphone. From the budget line, this is perhaps the best specimen. The phone hit with price and quality so much that yesterday received a second phone. I ordered it in a black case, for the office. To work just fantastic. Large display, excellent color rendering. The latest Android digests all file formats and any messenger. The camera, of course, is weak, but it does not matter, I do not use it for work. And, by the way, as I wrote above, I bought it on a promo code Coolicool for $ 60, it turns out a smartphone is cheap! In fact, a cool device to work for such money! Thank you for attention.