Coolicool official online store

It was the day of the sale on the official online store Coolicool. For the sake of interest, my husband and I began to watch prices on the iPhone. My husband liked the iPhone 5s, the price for it for 64 Gb in the complete set ranged from $ 300 to $ 350. Again, we reviewed many reviews and videos, and decided to order. Along with the coupon, the purchase cost $ 290 + usb + 2 cable + protective glass = $ 300. The store did not hesitate to send it, and almost a week and a half later the phone lit up in my country. Up to our city, he reached a week. We did not succeed in getting ourselves, because we were in another city, for 200 km. My mom got my passport. A day later he was with us. When they opened it — they shot it on video to protect themselves, if there is soda or something else in the box, as well as if you remember some defects and present it to the store. Opened, printed, turned on, really iPhone. Looks like a factory. This phone is considered to be restored. There are no complaints about the phone, the battery keeps excellent, high-quality photos, the home button does not play, the connection and wi-fi are also excellent. In salons, the same rebuilt, in the same China, but at 16 Gb it costs from $ 370. 64 Gb against 16 Gb. $ 300 against $ 370. I think that by ordering in this store, we have not lost out, both profit and quality. Well, a little nerveshek think. We received the phone at the end of May, at the moment we use 4 months. I recommend the official online store Coolicool for those who want a good phone, but do not want to overpay!