Coolicool official site

Not so long ago, I wrote about a successful decision to order a phone Meizu M6 Note with Ali. Now we went further. Choosing another phone, I heard in the review about the official site Coolicool. This is a Chinese store of technology, tablets, phones, gadgets, watches, some kind of smart toys. In general, it is very similar to similar sites. Bloggers said that this store is reliable and cheaper than Ali. Know how to intrigue! We looked at the site — it's by the way usual, but everything is clear. They started to look for reviews and a little alarmed the total lack of feedback. Doubts a little dispelled the fact that you can place orders in this store through the PayPal payment system. And PayPal, as you know, is a kind of guarantor of the transaction. And in the event of anything — if the goods did not come or something went wrong — they guarantee a refund. This is really true, because they already faced a refund through PayPal and it passed without problems. In general, I found with my spouse an interesting, budget model with a smart discount of 71% and a 3D function. And we decided to buy it on the official site Coolicool. The same model on Ali cost a little more expensive. But! When placing an order, it turned out that this store is still delivering orders for orders. Therefore, taking into account the delivery was not much cheaper.