Cyber Florist official site

Several times a year a year I use the services of delivering flowers on the official site Cyber ​​Florist. Thanks to this company, I am glad to have my mom on holidays: mother's day, birthday, March 8 and teacher's day — since my mother is a teacher with great experience — more than 25 years. I do not express any special wishes when making a bouquet, although there are a lot of various compositions on the site, I just say for whom to make a bouquet and for what event, the only thing I ask is that it is fresh and beautiful. I did not order flowers in boxes or baskets, I always ask you to arrange with a bouquet. And always florists make very beautiful and, I think the main thing, not frilly, but natural bouquets. Flowers in them are always fresh, stand from a week to a month. I know that mother is very kind to them and often changes the water. There are no complaints about the delivery either, I ask that the courier in the morning bring me compliments from my mother before her work. And the courier always has time on time. I recommend the flower delivery service on the official site Cyber ​​Florist to anyone who has no time to go to flower shops and choose bouquets. Convenient service and a large selection of colors for any wallet!