DD4 coupons and promo codes

Incredibly cool car on the radio, I saw in the online store DD4, and ordered her as a gift to her nephew. When my average daughter saw the machine, she also wanted this. I ordered her by 8 March. Now periodically these 2 cars drive through the streets of our city race. Price: The first time on the sale on November 11, I managed to buy cheaper with coupons for $ 17. The second car was bought later for $ 22 using a promo code. Both times I bought the kit without the original box and with 2 batteries. There are other options cheaper and more expensive. Both times the parcels went for almost a month, with full tracking. Packaging is excellent — an order in a foam box that perfectly protects the toy from damage. Battery the second seller in general hid in an extra plastic car, at first I thought it was a gift, but it turned out that the customs did not carp. In the complete set the car, a control panel, gymnastics and 2 accumulators. I'm delighted with these cars, I saw different ones, but for such a price in our city of this quality you will not find a toy. This all-terrain vehicle is strong, durable. Children threw the machine like a ball forward for a couple of meters, it fell on the wheels and started. No damage after such games. Wheels and suspension perfectly spring. And even if the car flops on the roof, it will also remain intact. He travels through puddles, sand, grass, visits low curbs. The speed of the car develops a decent one, it can just get off the ground. The machine powerful, calls on even a steep hill, if you train of course. Age recommended by the store from 14 years! But my 5 year old nephew manages this machine perfectly! Remote control distance is up to 50 meters, which is similar to the truth. He leaves far enough, so that passers-by do not immediately understand who is driving the car. The control panel is comfortable and also durable. The battery charge lasts for half an hour approximately, with two you can chase an hour. The battery is charged for 5-6 hours. Toy awesome, even me, a woman over 30, it is interesting to play with such a typewriter. Definitely recommend to everyone store DD4! Thank you for your attention and successful purchases!