DD4 Global Shopping Festival 11.11

You need to start with the fact that this is not an ordinary purchase. I bought this quadrocopter for the order of my 10-year-old son. He collected money for 2 years, which he was given for holidays, birthdays and practically saved up for the coveted toy! I rummaged on the official website of DD4 and my choice fell on this particular model — it's inexpensive, the reviews are good, there's a camera. Although I understand that even much larger in size and filling the action cameras remove a slop video, and such a baby on a quadrocopter can not shoot better, but still I wanted to feel everything at once. So we bought the first in our family quadrocopter. They bought for $ 40 during Global Shopping Festival 11.11. The track number appeared about a week after the purchase — I no longer hoped for it. But it was tracked to the place of delivery. The quadrocopter came in a foam plastic box, all in perfect condition. On the pages of the description of this model it can be seen that there everything is packed in a branded cardboard box with a print. And now the quadrocopter is already in our hands! It was almost completely assembled — it was only necessary to put the protection for the screws. It's just inserted into the right holes — the operation is generally simple. And it keeps normally — falls easily. I can not call this quadric a fake — everything is done and assembled perfectly, everything works perfectly. Bottoms strike light bulbs. The glasses above them are green and orange, but the LEDs are blue and red. The red ones are the front side. It is convenient for flights in conditions of poor visibility. Below are the skids on which the quadrocopter sits. Plus — they protect the camera when striking. If the total weight of a charged quadrocopter is 107 grams, then I can not even imagine the weight of the camera! But it removes HD video. And quite good for its size and price. In the configuration it was indicated about the presence of a flash drive on 4 Gb. In the box I did not find. It turned out that she was immediately put in the camera. Under the camera is the battery compartment. He came charged, but not connected. Capacity is small. Enough minutes for 7 with the camera turned off and 5 minutes — with the camera turned on. Immediately ordered another pair of batteries and charging. In the meantime, I'm charging through the USB-cable that came with the kit. Another set included spare blades, cogs, a screwdriver and a card reader for a flash drive. The panel works on 4 AA elements. I have long switched to batteries, so I put them. The lid has a latch and an eyelet. The loop can be fixed with a screw for reliability. The controls are standard. To summarize, I can say that both my son and I with him got a great pleasure from buying a quadrotor in the store DD4. Really fascinating occupation! But it requires training. For the time being, we practice the tricks at home without taking the runners off the floor — moving forward, backward, to the side, turning. On the street, of course, the sensations are different. Any breeze makes its own adjustments to the flying quadrocopter.