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I never ordered clothes for myself in China, my fault is to blame my fear with size. On the one hand, what is there to be afraid of — take a centimeter and forward, and on the other — everyone knows perfectly well that the expectation and reality with Chinese things often do not coincide. But time goes by, I learned to read reviews, carefully analyze my purchases, and not order what I liked on a beautiful picture. I bought this dress just by numerous positive reviews and did not regret it. You can buy it on the official site DD4. I chose the gray version, I have no such color in the wardrobe at all, so I wanted to experiment. The size is universal and it is one, but the dress is cool stretches, while it emphasizes the figure perfectly. In my opinion, suitable for girls with a height of 160 to 175 centimeters. My parameters are an increase of 170, 89x68x90. The dress is made of 100% cotton, the fabric is very pleasant to the touch. All the seams are stitched neatly both from the outside and from the inside. Not a single sticking thread, well, I just do not even believe that in China it's bought. In my opinion, the dress looks excellent, beautifully emphasizes the figure, everything is closed and covered, but it has its own zest in the form of a deep cut. I also like that it can be combined with both sneakers and heels. Both options will be appropriate. It remains only to buy jewelry. I recommend the dress, I'm happy with both the price and the quality of my purchase on the official site DD4.