DHgate Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Recently I discovered a good online store DHgate. I started the search after Ali made a paid delivery to most of the goods. There was one more reason. I had a little money on an electronic account, from which it was problematic to withdraw cash. So I started looking for stores that accepted payments from this account. Found. And the store was pretty good. The same Chinese platform. Even the goods are similar, as on Ali. You can do both retail purchases and bulk purchases. You just need to put the appropriate checkboxes on the main page. To begin with, for a test so to speak, I decided to order a fashionable bracelet for my daughter. Ordered, paid, began to wait. Delivery promised within a month. But after 2 weeks we got a call from the post office, and we took our parcel. In fact, this bracelet consists of three parts, which can be worn separately. I want to say that at first the straps had an unpleasant smell, but it quickly disappeared. The bracelet ordered, when the Global Shopping Festival 11.11, the purchase price was about $ 3. I recommend the online store DHgate. I think everyone will find something for themselves here.