DHgate official site

The official site DHgate is a pretty good store. He got to me before the rest of the Chinese shops and quite a lot of the goods I ordered there. From the same eBay and Ali is different in that it is much less common goods of poor quality. Not in the sense that marriage, but simply inexpensive goods made bad there is less. Also, all the goods go at once with several prices, per piece, 2, 3, 5, 10. It is very convenient to take wholesale, you do not need to contact the seller and negotiate for each position. With delivery basically as well as everywhere. I only took it with free shipping and it's been at least a month. Only the premise in my memory was the fastest in 18 days. Mainly I recommend the official site DHgate for wholesale purchases. If you take in retail, then often on other sites you can take cheaper. In general, you need to include the head and compare.