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Honestly tell you leggings — it's not trousers, but a dream! Tighten what you need, attract what you need — where necessary, in general, everything in them is perfect. One thing — you can not improve even for a few grams. Otherwise, everything is a failure. Okay, not so scary. But the trousers are really tight, that's right in a very indescribable gossip. To the infinite happiness of mine, the fabric does not clog where it is not necessary, it sits like a second skin. Trousers pleasantly shine, this shine is light, subtle. As they say, not vulgar and not cheap. First, let's take a look at the short characteristics of the leggings I bought on the official DressLily website: Discounted coupon price: $ 24.11; Price without discount: $ 40.99. Colors: in one version — in black! Dimensions: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. I ordered the size M! The size has approached, but I can not recover now-I will not fit. There was no foreign smell. Delivery a little less than a month. I arrived at the post office. I received the notification, which was put in the mailbox. Track numbers were not, to my great regret. I prefer parcels with track numbers so that you can track them on your own. Quality is good, the threads are not sticking out, smooth seams, lightning works well, the button is also excellent. Material: artificial leather. How to wash: whatever. It is possible in the typewriter. About the material: the material is very ordinary, pleasant to the touch. Slightly rough, but not on the skin. They drag a little, so I do not recommend ordering. Cons: I did not find any. Behind the pockets — two. Front pockets. Here those times, also two! I recommend you the official site of DressLily, and use promo codes — they significantly affect the final purchase price.