DressLily official site of online store

What if you were drawn to black things with black lace? Girls know the answer — buy, buy and again buy! And it does not matter what is now mid-August and soon autumn! A little information about the blouse, which I ordered on the official site of online store DressLily: Price: $ 13.00 price without a discount of $ 15.60, which, in my opinion, generally trivial things. Color: black, although in the white version it would also be very cool and interesting! Material: polyester, plus black lace! Dimensions: S, M, L, XL. Available in four different sizes. I took the size S, the smallest that was. But do not forget about the error, it is usually 1-2-3 centimeters. But! Personally, I would not recommend you to take things back to back. Delivery: 1 month, the track number was present and tracked. The parcel arrived on time, I was received by the number. This blouse has very beautiful lace sleeves, lace on the chest. Asymmetric edges that look well sooo cool. Blouse arrived in a separate clean package, had no strange smell. The tag with the logo was present. The threads protruded a little on asymmetrical edges, were easily cut off. During transportation, the blouse was wrinkled, the question was corrected in three minutes with the help of a steam generator. During socks, it does not crumple as much as if it hangs on a hanger. Along with this dress, a gray-black cardigan came to me, he also has lace inserts on his sleeves. In general, the impressions of the blouse purchased on the official site of online store DressLily is only positive. I recommend it to you.