Dresslink official site of online store

If you want to buy inexpensive things for a change, then I can safely advise the official site of online store Dresslink! I’ve already done 5 orders on this site, the first 2 went for a month and a half, the rest are less than a month. All things are packed in separate packages, I was lucky, my package did not smell. I mainly ordered blouses and sweaters, I have the size M, and the size of one sizé is perfect for me. I can not say that the things of the most perfect quality, it would be a lie! But, things are quite acceptable in socks, the first two sweaters are already a year old and they still look normal and I wear them sometimes. The biggest drawback is the hideous stitches inside, but who sees them? There was one story with this site, I ordered a hat with a scarf, after a couple of days they wrote to me that they are not available. What surprised me was that I was very quickly returned the money. Thank you for your attention, I hope my review was useful to you.