DX coupons and promo codes

Good day. I personally recommend the DX online store. Everything was clear to me how and what to order, how to pay. By the way, paid using WebMoney. I certainly wondered whether it would come at all. And this is my first order via the Internet. But thank God everything turned out fine. I ordered a rubber case for my Nexus 4, because no matter how cool, but I couldn’t find the multi-colored rubber bands on my phone anywhere. Yes, and this cover was worth a discount on a coupon of only $ 3, much cheaper than all that I was offered in other stores. Parcel arrived in a package that was safe in my opinion. With pimples inside. As for the quality of the purchase, it suited me perfectly: there were no scratches, holes, faded color, it fit in size. The package arrived in 27 days, the package came straight to the mailbox. Am I satisfied with the purchase on the promo code of the online store DX? — Yes, and order here, I will in the future.