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Hello to all. I continue to talk about my purchases from the official site Floryday. Now is the time to tell you about the bright, eye-catching Stretch Off Shoulder Floral Print New Casual Polyester Sleeveless Dress. In fact, it was received by me last year, in the summer, but I did not have time to put it on, there was no time to tell you about it, especially, it was filled up with work. I ordered the dress for the old course and it cost me very cheap, about $ 25. The dress came in a standard package, delivery took less than a month, the track was tracked. I ordered it because I liked the color. Perhaps it is somewhat collective, but I like it, very bright and positive colors are used, in my opinion. I chose size L on parameters 93-68-100, it was perfect, nothing draws anywhere, it sits wonderfully. Not bristling, not hanging. But this size is strictly on my parameters, less is possible, no more, because you will be uncomfortable. By the way, in my rather big height, 173 centimeters — the dress turned out to be quite normal length, which makes the dress versatile, you can wear it anywhere. The actual length of the dress: 104 centimeters. The dress is comfortable and comfortable to wear, despite the fact that this is a smart synthetic, 100% polyester. Summer will be stuffy. Well, I don `t know how you are, but I feel hot and stuffy throughout summer. So, for me, the composition of the fabric is not a tragedy, I knew what I was buying, especially for such a price. The fabric stretches very well, does not shine through. Sewed neatly, with virtually no complaints. Threads — this is nonsense. The neck is true, somewhat narrow, at first I thought that my head would not fit through there. But, thanks to the ability of the fabric to stretch, I still wear it. Despite the narrow neck, the dress is comfortable, nothing presses around my neck. There was no foreign smell. It is washable without problems, cool water, I wash with pens, it dries quickly, nothing is done with the pattern. The fabric does not fade, pleasant to the touch. The fabric is very tight on the figure, and the tummy and sides will be visible, although due to the motley colors it doesn’t catch the eye. I plan to wear it in spring and summer, such a color will perfectly emphasize tanned skin. Can be combined with a lightweight jacket, or with a denim jacket. If you like these colors, feel free to recommend this dress and the official site Floryday.