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Last year, bought a smartphone Bluboo Maya mom. This is my first purchase on the official online store GeekBuying. I needed a phone with a front camera for Skype, wi-fi, so that the mobile internet worked and did not slow down, well, it is desirable that a person without experience using gadgets or a computer could figure it out. All this in the phone was. The characteristics of the phone are excellent for a budget model and for such a price. I bought it for $ 90, since I'm new to online shopping, but in general it was possible to find it there for $ 80. Package: the phone is thin, neat assembly, no backlashes; the charger is detachable; Key for installing SIM cards and memory cards; instructions. Before I gave it to my mother, I set up my phone — the default language was English, I installed an antivirus and other applications for my mother. Well, I tested all the functions. I really liked the phone. When I ordered, there was only a pink color and in the photo it did not seem very, but when I came to look — it looks quite nice. Analysis of features: Sound — in headphones is excellent for the budget model, without headphones it is quite tolerable; Microphone — for talking on the phone is good, if you talk, for example, on skype without headphones, the source of sound is far from the microphone, then there will be noise, whistling, it is almost impossible to use; The screen is a good size, 5.5 inches looks neat. Color rendition is excellent, all colors are saturated, the text is well read; Cameras — the main one with two lenses, 12 MP claimed, in fact the photo quality is comparable to my old phone, it was once a flagship and it has 8 MP, maybe a little better. The quality of the video is the same. But I did not expect more from him, I think that this is an excellent quality for a budget smartphone; Memory. Operative 2 Gb, just right. With less memory, it's not worth taking a phone, judging by its old phone with 1 Gb — it's incredibly slow, and this one is running fast, responding instantly to commands, iron is also good for such a price. The internal memory of 16 Gb is also quite enough. In addition, you can insert either 2 SIM cards or one SIM card and a memory card if 16 Gb is small. So that's it. Toys are some kind of demanding mom is unlikely to use, but for applications is enough; Convenience of use — in my opinion it is very simple to understand. On top of the 6th Android there is a Remix, a comfortable shell. Summing up, you can say — a very good phone for its price, I'm very happy with the purchase on the official online store GeekBuying and, most importantly, my mother likes it.