Glasseslit coupons and promo codes

Today we are talking about an accessory, such as glasses, namely retro glasses. For me, it is an indispensable thing, since eyes are very tired of sunlight. Having stumbled upon them you will not immediately understand whether they will suit you, but I decided. I ordered from a popular glass glasses store Glasseslit. Their price was at that time with a coupon for a discount of about $ 10. They came to me about a month later. Packed in a normal package with pimples, inside are put in a bag. In general, glasses are not bad, completely made of plastic. A little creak. I would not say that they are ideally protected from the sun. In the toes are comfortable, do not fall down. Personally, they put pressure on my nose with my weight and there is redness. With prolonged wear, the handles are not pressed. In general, the purchase of the promo code on the site Glasseslit was pleased, I recommend this store.