Glasseslit Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I will tell you a secret — I am categorically not wearing sunglasses, they are all broad to me. To choose a decent option for the summer, I had to re-measure hundreds of options — while exploring every store shopping center. And here a couple of months ago during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 — at my own peril and risk, I ordered these glasses on the official website of the Glasseslit store. After 3 weeks, the glasses came in whole and fit me well! Material glasses — plastic, there is a filter of sun protection. The glasses are comfortable, my head is not spinning. The truth for a bright, sunny day they do not fit — the eyes will not be comfortable. They can be bought more for the mood. To protect the eyes, it is better to choose an option more reliably. In general, I am very happy with the purchase — for $ 15 points are wonderful! In addition, all my friends said that they were coming to me. And some even noted that in them I look like some kind of a star. I recommend the Glasseslit store! Successful shopping for you!