Glasseslit official online store

Today I will talk about one more Cat Eye sunglasses ordered on the official online store Glasseslit. The cost is $ 15.95. Delivery about a month. They came well packed — at first in a transparent bag and besides this they were wrapped in a film with air bubbles, they did not break the mail. Decided to buy black. The glasses are made of durable plastic. Smooth, not crooked, neat and not fragile. So I hope they will last long and will not break. Moreover, I do not wear them every day. They have a very cute design. Lenses are also not branded. On the glasses was a sticker and this means that they protect the eyes from the ultraviolet radiation sufficiently well. I hope this is actually so. And I can assume that these glasses, indeed with protection from the sun, since the glass itself consists of three layers. The toes are very comfortable. Their eyes do not get tired, visibility is normal. Unlike the first, a big advantage is that they do not glare. Main advantages: low cost; good quality; protection from ultraviolet radiation. I did not find the minuses. The official online store Glasseslit all advise.