Glasseslit official site

Today I'll tell you about a successful purchase on the official site Glasseslit — sunglasses. I would never have thought that I would buy this summer accessory through an online store, because even in shops it's difficult for me to pick up glasses, but only in form, but also in size. My face is narrow, and most of the points on the shelves flock together, even slipping from my face during the fitting. But I ventured to order. Basic order parameters: The price at the time of order was $ 9.95. Time of delivery — 1 month. Time of use — 1,5 months. The store was presented with 5 variants of glasses with different shades of glass and frames. I stopped, as it seems to me, on the most interesting variant. It is difficult for me to choose glasses according to the size, most standard glasses are quickly falling off my face during fitting. After reading a few reviews, in which they mentioned that glasses are suitable for a narrow face, I calmed down, but still experienced a little. As it turned out to be in vain. Therefore, if you decide to order, and you have the same problems with finding the right size, do not worry, these glasses do not exactly fly off the face. Checked at a party with fiery dances. What else can I say about the size, the size of the form is average. I prefer large glasses, but for the variety of the image, this option is very much like. The shape of the glasses is round, but elongated due to the frame. The frame and the arms are made of gold material, the upper part of the frame and the end of the arches are highlighted with a red inset that gives a certain charm to the glasses. Pillows are made of soft material, similar to silicone, comfortable to wear. Plastic lenses, firmly seated in a frame, for a month of active wearing did not run away. Scratching at the first examination was not found. The lens has a dusty black shade with a green tint. Eyes through the lens are slightly visible, the shading is average uniform. When I was choosing glasses, I was creeped in anxiety because of the low price at the expense of quality and comfort in my sock. And I'll tell you honestly, I'm surprised that in these glasses my eyes do not get tired and do not strain, although this sometimes happened from lens lenses bought in the city for a much higher price. Thank you all for your attention, the official site Glasseslit recommend! All successful purchases!