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Hello! Here is another charming Vintage Floral Print Short Sleeve Mini for your beloved daughter! And I will say at once: I adore this dress! Although, I still remember the very first impression when I got out of the package: some very rusty flowers, and many of them somehow. And yet — I do not like an obvious retro, and this dress somehow resembles the dresses of the last century. But all doubts evaporated during the fitting: sits cool, makes a puppet figure, modern style! It was ordered for a discount coupon for $ 16.66, on March 25, the online store Ivrose quickly gave the track number, it was about 3 weeks. The size S will be shown on the girl with an increase of 159 centimeters, 82-60-82. It seems that there is also a stock in the waist, but the tie with a bow successfully hides it. The fabric is dense, pleasant, cotton, something like a denim. Due to this, it keeps the shape well. Here you can see the weaving. The quality of performance is extremely decent, the seams are even, the threads do not stick out. Of course, the highlight of this dress is unusual sleeves. It seems to me, if you take them away, the dress loses its charm. They just need to smooth out, so that they do not stick out, on the one hand I did not have time to do it, my daughter ran to be photographed! A skirt — a tulip and voluminous pockets, a tail at the back to the bow form a very feminine silhouette. If my size were there, I would order myself! It sits exceptionally well, emphasizes only the waist, which is not necessary — it hides! And the style, I would say, universal and classic. Yes, you probably already understood, I really like it! Of course, the main thing in a dress is what image it makes, how and by whom you feel yourself in it. In this dress, my 13-year-old daughter feels confident an adult girl. Well and a conclusion: this dress and promo codes of Internet shop Ivrose I recommend unequivocally! I would like to always receive such things from the store: factory, neatly sewn.