Ivrose official online store

Hello, dear readers! December 30 evening I got my long-awaited blue dress from the official online store Ivrose. I waited for him about 30 days. I do not know where it was lost, because the store sent it very quickly. And at our Belarusian customs I lay down decently. Anyway. Claims to the store I have no — the term was extended promptly, answered all the questions, with the size suggested, the quality of the dress is also excellent. All sovchiki processed well. There were a couple of strings, but where without them? The size of the store prompted me. On my parameters, 83-62 took M. Dress sat as it should. With length, too, everything is in order. True, with my growing problems with length, I usually do not arise. The sleeve here is not 3/4, like most similar models, but a long one. Waist — too high. I know that many complained that the waist is very wide. Mine to me almost exactly. Probably, precisely because the waist is higher. Can be worn with a strap and without. In the first case it looks more elegant. In the package with the dress, the good Chinese for some reason put me 8 yuan! I do not know — it's a gift, someone forgot or compensation for waiting, but it's funny.