Joyshoetique official online store

Hello, welcome to my feedback. Recently, I was so lazy to go shopping, I began to order everything through the Internet. And what? it's really very convenient! Of course about the official online store Joyshoetique you can read a huge number of reviews, and good and bad about 50/50, but I decide to try everything on my own experience. Until you try it yourself, you do not know how it is. So I ventured to make my first order, but I carefully studied the early reviews of the girls. What can I say about the site itself ?! Easy-to-use, standard search by category, there is everything: clothes, shoes, accessories. You can see a selection of other buyers, bloggers. There is a separate deposit — News, where one can see new products by day, or those that are back on the market. Problems the site itself I have not caused any, in general, everything is simple and understandable. And prices and assortment are generally pleasing to the eye, that they force to collect a full basket. In general, I quickly collected my order. This is, so to speak, a trial, so I scored from all categories a little: took a dress, top, trousers, jewelry, well, overalls for the company. Shoes I try to buy from natural materials and I prefer to wear outerwear beforehand, so the question of whether or not to order from these categories did not even stand. As for the size, I took everywhere the smallest, since I wear a size of 40-42, more often XS. With payment everything is simple, choose whatever method suits you. As soon as the transaction goes through to e-mail, a confirmation letter of payment is received. You can follow in the personal office for the status of your order. My long time was in processing, about two weeks, I began to worry and wrote them a letter: Where is my order and my track code? To which they immediately replied: Please do not worry! Your order was well packed, and ready for departure. As soon as we send it, we will send an email to let you know. Thank you. Then my order was loaded and sent to the mail a letter with a track code. I forgot to mention that the delivery is free, regardless of the amount of the order. So, there was my order month. She paid it on October 20, and was only sent on November 3 and on November 17 he was already in my arms. And I waited for notification in the mailbox, but it turns out the order is brought courier personally in hand, at the address specified in the delivery, so wait for the phone call, and do not run every day to the post, like me. I am pleased with the whole order on the official online store Joyshoetique, even though the trousers did not fit. I plan to make another order. Thank you for your attention, I hope the feedback was helpful. Till.