Joyshoetique official site

The official site Joyshoetique learned from the regular video reviews on Youtube. Who looks at girls beauty bloggers also probably at least heard of such a store. Judging by the number of reviews, here it is not so common. I will not describe the site in detail, I will say only that it is similar to all the rest, and orders there are done exactly the same. Things are very stylish and trendy. Through time, and even every time there is a very nice thing. I want to buy everything! If on all the famous ali we have to overcome a bunch of Chinese junk to find the best Chinese junk out of everything, then here it is also China, but the chance that at least a good thing will come to you is very great! Usually the prices for dresses start from $ 14 and can go up to $ 30. And this is normal. Now because of the situation with the exchange rate, prices have risen yet. Smoothly follows the next point. Because of the price, she ordered there only two times dresses for important events. There they are very beautiful and for the price they are the same as ours. At the graduation and the New Year. As far as I understand there are no permanent collections. There is a certain amount. People buy everything. The thing disappears from the store pages. It was a couple of times when I was looking at a thing, but while I thought it over and decided to buy it all, things were already gone. If the goods were bought well, then perhaps they do it again. The second dress was taken for the New Year. Ordered the size S, I came in size M. I was very upset! So he was waiting. And I just wrote to them on the post that they sent the wrong size, attached a photo and a couple of hours later I got an answer. They apologized and offered to send a new dress, with the right size, I should not pay anything and send it back to them! Received a second dress on December 31 and was happy! If you remember how the girls directly do the same with the sellers on Ali for $ 3, then they sent me a dress for $ 25. I love the official site Joyshoetique and I recommend you to look! On the site they have free shipping and at the first order a 20% discount. If you rummage on the Internet, you can safely find a coupon for a 10% discount from the order with the usual not the first order, and if you're lucky, then 20%. Thank you for attention.