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Fashion for backpacks went for a long time, but I did not even have a thought to buy it myself. I did not understand why I needed it and what to wear in it. But after I saw from my friend the Big Capacity Suede Pleuche Casual Backpack New Fashion backpack, the thought of buying became an obsession. The choice fell precisely on this model of the backpack, the color is black. Suitable for everything and in my opinion looks most advantageous in this color. Delivery was fast. Online store Lightake for a couple of days collected the goods and sent it to me. He came to me less than a week. The track was tracked. The discounted coupon price at the time of purchase was about $ 10, now it's cheaper. Was packed in a cardboard box! This is the first time for all orders. Box as new, carried neatly. The backpack lay in a bag wrapped inside a cloth that would not have been scratched. The view in life is even better than in the photo. The backpack did not smell, the material is very pleasant, but not the skin. It is executed very qualitatively! Spacious! In addition to the main large pocket, inside there are pockets for documents and phone, a pocket with a zip. Outside, too, there is a pocket. For every day the backpack is very good! Especially me, because I'm not a fan of big bags and mostly walk with very small ones over my shoulder. A backpack is useful in case you need to take more things. Schoolboys will not work, because the load that schoolchildren carry every day, the backpack will not survive. But for the student the option is excellent! To buy a promo code for a discount it is highly recommended!