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My husband sincerely wanted to quit smoking, but even will power plus character — he did not help. One of his acquaintances has long boasted that he was able to quit thanks to an electronic cigarette. In local stores, this device is expensive, so we started looking at the official site of online store Lightake. We found an analogue of the popular cigarette CE4-EGO with a 900 mAh battery for only $ 11.21 — it's a little more than five packs of his favorite cigarettes, which he will have only for 5 days. Even if you do not like it — at least not sorry for the money spent. The parcel came in a month. The cigarette was packed in a blister as in the picture of the seller, they sent it out as requested. The device looks very elegant, comfortable in the hand and pleasant to the touch. Disassembled in two parts — the battery itself and atomizer, which is the consumable. To charge the electronic cigarette, it is necessary to screw the USB battery to the cable that comes with it and connect it to the network via an adapter or charge it via the USB port of the computer. When the charger is plugged in, the red light on the charger lights up. When the battery is fully charged, the bulb turns green. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge. We charge the cigarette on average every 4-5 days. The cigarette is refueled quite easily — the mouthpiece is unscrewed on the atomizer and liquid is poured into the wall of the bulb, avoiding liquid entering the air duct. The volume of the atomizer flask is 1.6 ml, but many advise to fill a little less this volume. After refueling the cigarette should always be kept only in a vertical position — otherwise the liquid will simply flow out. After charging the battery and filling the atomizer, we connect the two parts of the electronic cigarette, we make the button of the inclusion in a row 5 times and we can start to hover. At each tightening it is necessary to press the button. And now the impression of the process itself. An important role in the taste of steam, of course, is played by the liquid with which the cigarette is filled. Having tried a few, your choice was stopped on the liquids of Armango. There is a huge choice of tastes — there is a taste of almost every fruit, a lot of combinations of fruits, confectionery and drinks. But of course for those who purchase an e-cigarette as an alternative to normal smoking, the most popular is the tobacco taste. Particularly impressed by the liquid called KENTO. After the pair, the aftertaste is left as from very expensive fragrant cigarettes. On liquids it is not necessary to save much — from cheap strongly throats a throat. Liquids also differ in the content of nicotine, its level is measured in mg. There are liquids 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9 mg. In this way, and the secret is how to use an electronic cigarette to quit smoking — it is enough just to gradually reduce the content of nicotine in the liquid for soaring. The taste and volume of steam is also affected by the atomizer itself. For this cigarette is suitable as native CE4, and atomizer CE5. I advise you to try both, and make your own conclusion which one is more appropriate. In CE5, the volume of steam is greater and the taste is more saturated. Someone really likes it, but my husband does not. His choice was made in favor of native atomizers CE4. They by the way are also sold separately on the official site of online store Lightake, and comes out cheaper if you take just 10 pieces. Having made some calculations, we determined that the electronic cigarette is 10 times more economical! Now all smoking friends are advised to look at this wonderful invention!