LovelyWholeSale Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Today I want to tell you about the most beautiful dress from the store LovelyWholeSale. I ordered it in November 2016 during the Global Shopping Festival 11.11, that is, it is almost 2 years! It survived a lot of washing, transformation of my body during pregnancy and still looks great. I carried it all 9 months of pregnancy. It was perfectly stretched, it did not put pressure anywhere, it was very comfortable. I continue to wear until now. This gray dress is combined with any shoes. Both with black shoes, and with light. Lately I've been wearing it with sneakers. It perfectly suits both for a strict office style, and for a casual sports. He has a good length, at my height of 169 centimeters — just below the knee. This dress had one drawback — a very large incision behind. But I was able to fix it, sewing a zipper. And now I myself can regulate the depth of the cut. The dress material is cotton, possibly with a small amount of synthetics. The fabric is pleasant to the body, it is not pricked, it does not electrify and does not crumple! I'm happy with the purchase. Not often you can find quality clothes, with a suitable size and a pleasant price! I wish you all successful shopping and good mood!