LovelyWholeSale official site

I was sitting somehow frosty in the February evening on the official site LovelyWholeSale and dreamed of hot summer days. And then with horror I understand that all of my summer dresses are already somehow worn out and it's time to update the wardrobe a little. Immediately, she began to look at the pictures of light dresses and sarafans enthusiastically. The eye immediately caught on a pretty short dress for ridiculous money. I decided that the devil does not joke, even if it does not work, then for such money — at that time it cost about $ 12, it's not a sin to risk it. Without thinking twice, she ordered a new thing and prepared to wait. Well, now about the size and quality of the dress. At its height of 172 centimeters and parameters 93-70-93 ordered the size of M. The village is wonderful, because it stretches unrealistically, I think that even if I had an extra 5 centimeters on top and bottom — the dress would still have crawled. The tissue is very thin, but not translucent. Of course to expect for $ 12 to get cotton would be silly. Indeed, the material is synthetic, but the body is very pleasant and soft. She already twice walked around it in her city and caught admiring glances both from men and from the beautiful half of humanity. Perfectly combined with both the heel and the shoes at low speed. The only inconvenience is that when walking it rises slightly and it must be periodically pulled back. There are no more minuses in it. So cute girls, if you want to be bright and noticeable this summer — this dress you just need!