MiniInTheBox coupons and promo codes

Hello! Recently I wrote about earrings and bracelet, ordered for bonuses from the online store MiniInTheBox, but somehow I didn’t tell about the site itself. I decided to fix this case and write. About 3 years ago, flipping through Twitter, drew attention to the phone cases laid out by one friend, and immediately found out in the comments about the site where she had ordered these same cases. Then I just thought about buying a case, I went for a year with a bare phone. Looking at the site, I found out that the prices of the covers are a mere penny, compared to the prices in our offline stores. Of course, there was a fear that nothing could come of it — after all, customs, mail, and other delights. I chose one of the inexpensive, but cute little covers. At that time, if memory serves, at a discount on the coupon it cost me $ 0.7. Tune in for a long wait. And suddenly, after 3 weeks — he is in my hands! It was very nice. By the way, I was pleased with the quality; in the summer in this case I still sometimes carry a phone, but during that period I didn’t get out of it for a year. Then, of course, I ordered covers several times — everything suited me both in terms of quality and delivery terms. The maximum period was about a month. And of course I paid attention to bijoux. One of the first orders of jewelry were earrings. I love them. As they say — both in a feast and in the world, I put on a necklace or a bracelet for them on a daily basis, on a visit, and on holidays, where on the site I could pick them up as a set, but I like to wear them solo or some other decorations to combine. Approach literally everything! And what is very pleasing is that there are no inflammations from the metal, although my ears are very capricious and there was a period when I couldn’t afford to wear anything other than gold — my ears immediately inflamed. Even in this online store MiniInTheBox like regular promotions, promotion bonus points, which can be used without adding money, you can use promo codes, excellent support service work. Of course, with the growth of the dollar, the prices in the store have grown, but if it is reasonable to use bonuses and promotions, it is very profitable to buy something interesting and necessary. I recommend!