MiniInTheBox Global Shopping Festival 11.11

MiniInTheBox is the site from which, in fact, began my acquaintance with the purchases of goods via the Internet. At first, as trial orders, I bought there all kinds of small things, mostly jewelry. Now without fear of shopping and larger. In principle, the site is happy. There has never been a lining. Everything came and in good quality. What you really like — free delivery on all products and regular cash bonuses. Just yesterday, the site presented me $ 2.5. Also bonus $ are charged for written reviews. I also like that the amount of the order can be any. No need for free delivery to get the goods for a certain amount. If, for example, I need only earrings for $ 1, then they will be sent without problems. Goods are always packed in such a way that they are not deformed during transportation + invoice for everything ordered. Also pleased with various promotions and sales of MiniInTheBox, for example, during Global Shopping Festival 11.11, discounts reached 90%. In general, the store was satisfied, I recommend it.