MiniInTheBox official site of online store

Hello! I got acquainted with the official site of online store MiniInTheBox about 4 months ago. I stumbled upon it quite by accident in search of covers on the phone with free shipping. The site is very accessible and easy to use, everything is divided into categories. I am glad that there is a selection filter for which it is even faster and easier to find what you need. There is also a mobile version of the site, I installed it myself for free from the AppStore, a very convenient thing. Often hang out there with nothing to do. My first purchase was a case for $ 1.29, after that I became interested in the Ali site, also Chinese, but the prices are lower there than on this. I had problems with delivery to my city, and it is annoying to constantly look for a reliable seller. My first order went more than a month and I have already started to forget about it, then an email came with a gift of $ 1 to the bonus account. I could use this money both separately and as an addition to a more expensive order. But I have not received the first order yet, I decided to use their bonuses for the simplest transparent case. Ordered on the same day, without any surcharges and shipping was already the next day. When I received the first cheholchik was delighted, for $ 1.29 I did not expect to receive such a good quality product. I cheered up and proceeded to a more detailed study of the site. I like very much that a lot of goods are shipped within 24 hours, and there is also a tracking number for tracking. All orders are formed and stored in your account. For this you need to initially register. Everything is simple and affordable. Before the New Year, I received another bonus of $ 2.5 to the bonus account, which made me happy and ordered additional charging and charging the cigarette lighter in my car. So I received 4 more bonuses for $ 3 and I ordered covers for all the bonuses. Delivery is always different, but the problem is not the store, and mail. Therefore, there are no complaints. Today, another free order came in 27 days, but one of the covers turned out to be cracked and broken off in one place, and the second with a dent on the outside. I think that during transportation they were damaged, although they were packed in bubble wrap and quite well. Well, okay, not much upset, it's still free. There are two orders on the way and, again, free of charge, I don’t know how you girls are, and I change the covers every month with their bonuses. Although their product range is quite large and not only for mobile accessories, I generally recommend to get acquainted with the official site of online store MiniInTheBox closer!