MiniInTheBox official site

Good day to all! I am writing with hot, just came parcels from the official site MiniInTheBox. Immediately, I’m noting that this order is not the first — the first thing I ordered was a chain with a butterfly, maybe someone decides to order — you will not regret, the quality is excellent, the pebbles were in place, I ordered it last year, in general, I wear three months and almost I do not take pictures, it does not darken and looks the same as it came. And now I received a trimmer, which I ordered to my husband, as well as earrings — my favorite. I ordered it for bonus money, I receive emails on the e-mail, I click on the link and order what I like. Immediately, I note that the store does not stint on bonuses, I have already ordered 5 items for bonuses and 2 of them came to me today, so I’m writing hot. Grieved that the trimmer without batteries, but this is a trifle. The earrings were a little upset by the quality, because the pebble was stuck on one crookedly, so I don’t even know if I would wear them, and also one of the paws was turned, but I hope that this is how it was twisted when sent. Small pebbles are all in place, I have no complaints about them. I think that in the summer these earrings can be put on a couple of times, after all, they will shimmer beautifully in the sun, and the flaws should not be noticeable. Let's go back to the trimmer, the battery is inserted, only one finger goes there, the trimmer works — it cleans the hair, though not very willingly, but I didn’t have new batteries at hand. I managed to correct my eyebrows, so I’m happy with the purchase, of course I chose the cheapest, and even for bonus money, so I’ll work as much as I do. By the way, the parcels were sent to me with a difference of 3 days, unless of course you believe that they sent them when they wrote on the site. One was sent on September 7, and the second was 11, and today, on October 8, both of them came to me. I recommend the official site MiniInTheBox, since all three products that I ordered have come to me, that is, I trust him and will continue to order. I hope my review will be useful to those who want to order things from China. Thank you for attention!