NewChic official online store

Hello! Recently, I have a new favorite bag. I ordered it on the official online store NewChic. On Ali, as far as I know, there are exactly such, but I do not answer for their quality. Bag cost about $ 16. She came without an air bag, but she still didn’t hesitate. The packaging was simple — a package. The bag in five shades is on sale. The palette is neutral, all colors are basic. I, perhaps, the most courageous option of all. The bag had no unpleasant smell. The bag is made of dense leatherette, which holds its shape well. But you can still bag. It is best to fill it with something soft so that it keeps its shape. The workmanship is good, but the accessory came to me with a small chipping of the material on the right side. I believe that this is an isolated case. In this bag, I like the bronze fittings made under vintage. It looks very nice and harmonious. Included is a neat handle for carrying the bag in your hand, but it can be removed so that the bag is always on your shoulder. The bag snaps tightly with a metal lock in the form of a kiss. Inside a small pocket on the side, the second closer to the center is bigger. But there are no partitions inside. The lining is dark, not twisted, not pulled out. The accessory purchased on the official online store NewChic — I am absolutely satisfied, despite the small marriage. The bag is suitable for everyday life, and for insta-photo. In the sock manifests itself well. Thank you for your attention.