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Hello! Women's Women's Long Sleeves Free Cut-out Collar women's shirt is another one of my purchases on the official site of online store NewChic. That was the kind of thing that was missing in my wardrobe. It seems that with this thing you can put on any pants or skirt and make an acceptable outfit, but I was just at a dead end, because the white shirt does not dance with my everyday things. Well, let's first purchase details. In this store, you can order any thing with your prepayment, as it should be. And in about 20 days the package will be at the nearest post office. This is another Chinese store that works on the principle of Ali, except that it’s not so easy to open a dispute. In general, it is unlikely that someone will return part of the money to you if you suddenly do not like something. This, of course, a minus. This shirt is available in two shades: pink and white. I chose the second option. The shirt came in a corporate package. There were tags, a label and even a small tag indicating the composition of the material. I noticed that on the product page often written other information about the constituent fibers. What we see on the site: Material: Cotton, Polyester. In reality, the tag is 5% viscose and 95% rayon. I read on the Internet that for the area. It turned out that it is a material that is made from natural raw materials. But since it undergoes chemical treatment, it is very close to synthetics. In general, I did not understand whether my shirt was natural or not. According to the tactile sensations thing of cotton. Rather dense, pleasant to the touch. I would compare the fabric with cotton bedding. By the way, the fabric does not stretch at all. Size chose the size table. It is called on the site US6, which corresponds to S. My shirt came up. Here and the length of the shirt and its sleeves fit 42 size. The shirt is not small, as well as other things I purchased. The shirt has a zest, if you study the back. The lower part is decorated with a slit with buttons. This element does not perform a special function, but as a whole makes it a non-boring and original thing. Buttons are white in front, but they do not stand out due to sewn ribbons on top. I have never seen such a detail before. Buttoned shirt without problems. An extra layer of fabric does not make this process difficult. But the buttons are almost invisible. Sewing a shirt is not perfect. Some of the strings are not in the business, I noticed, but it is not evident. The main thing is that all the details are thought out here, the fabric fits well on the figure. Seam processing is normal. Everything is symmetrical and harmonious. The shirt is not bad. It justifies its cost. It is quite universal, but at the same time with a twist. If you are looking for an unusual white shirt, you can pay attention to the official site of online store NewChic.