NewChic official site

Hello! Recently received a parcel from the official site NewChic. This is a Chinese store like Ali or Rosegal. They sell products from different categories. I am always more interested in clothes, so in this section I can stay for a long time. This time I chose a striped shirt with an elongated cut. In the photo shop she did not look cool. Attracted only a modest price and the promise that in the composition of the material is cotton in larger quantities. Parcel arrived about 20 days after dispatch. All things were in separate bags with the manufacturer's logo. On the shirt was a tag and label. On the external design all worthy. It does not feel that it is China: no unpleasant smell, or careless packaging. In reality, the shirt looks much better than the picture. There was some kind of shapeless pajamas, but in life it is a pleasant and even beautiful thing. That's just with the composition of the store is clearly deceiving. On the tag, sewn on the inside of the shirt, it is indicated that it is 100% polyester. And on the product page: cotton + polyester. The fabric of the thing is pleasant, but it is noticeable that it is synthetic. Although right away I could not say with certainty that it was a complete synthetic. It seemed to me that all the same, natural fibers also exist. I think this can be explained by the fact that the fabric here is of higher quality than that of cheap polyester items. According to the tactile sensations, the fabric is smooth, delicate, slightly flowing. The strips on the fabric are made exactly. This is not a paint, but a natural shade of fabric. Please also note that the strip on the shirt fits nicely. The main part of the product is vertical striped, but the pockets, cuffs and the upper part of the backrest are horizontal. I really like this game of prints. Shirt free cut. On my parameters 89-65-90 and with the growth of 168 centimeters, she came up. Does not fit a figure, does not hold down the movement, even a sleeve of optimum width and length. This shirt could well pass me a dress. Now just relevant things of this type. But by the structure of the little thing I can judge that it is designed like a shirt. At the bottom there is a lack of a pair of buttons so that you can wear it without pants. Yes, and I have no confidence that the buttocks will not shine through if I put it on over my underwear. The fabric is thin, so if it does not shine through, then it will precisely underline all the features of the figure. Despite the simple cut and design, the shirt looks beautiful and spectacular. I think it can be supplemented with a thin black belt. But what pants to wear with it, I finally decided. I want to redo it under the dress to wear individually. The shirt is suitable for those who are not afraid of synthetic fabrics. This is a universal thing. Sold in a variety of shades. Looks more expensive than its price. Sewed quality. I recommend the official site NewChic. Thank you for watching!