Newfrog coupons and promo codes

Good day! I bought a pair of budget phones: HOMTOM HT17 PRO and OUKITEL U20 Plus — the same at the price with a discount on the coupon and the same characteristics: 5.5 inches, 2/16 Gb! The main advantages of the phone Oukitel U20 Plus, compared with other budget phone: FULL HD screen 5.5 inches; A good processor — 39k vs. 27k; Excellent translation, except for one line when you turn off the phone. I also liked this phone: the case is pleasant and unusual for a budget phone, usually used in more expensive models; two cameras — more of course, a marketing move, but also unusual; The speaker is located at the bottom of the device, near the charging connector, the speaker is loud enough and you won't accidentally close them; the microphone is disguised in a symmetrical grid as well as a speaker; nice bright screen. Both phones support 4G without any problems, which is very good for a budget phone! The phone works on Android 6.0 with the correct menu translation, in the menu settings I found an interesting action setting for using the fingerprint scanner as another touch button: answer a call, take a photo, take a screenshot. Also included with the phone is a silicone case and a protective film — plus for unpopular and budget phones, much better than the headphones in the kit. I bought in the online store Newfrog for promo code. For those who choose a budget phone at the best price and performance, I advise this model!